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June 23, 2008


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Good morning, Deb!

This is beautiful...I'd like to walk down this path, and hopefully come upon a small stream flowing over rocks that I could sit and listen to.

Peaceful and serene :)

HI Debbie,

I entered 'forest path' on flikr and located
that photograph.

It's JUST WHAT I had in mind !!!

I can almost hear the sprites as they giggle
in high voices. Good to know it brought you to your own forest of peace.

xo xo

Hi Deb,

Thanks for using my photo and linking back! :)
I'm glad you like it!

Have a nice day!


HI Christiaan,

You are very welcome !!

Thank you for sharing your awesome photography with the world. I really do love this picture.

Thanks for dropping by my site !!!!!

xo xo

Hi Deb,

This photo was taken in Twente, which is a region in the east of the Netherlands, pretty close to the German border. This was south of the city Hengelo.

Twente is a pretty rural area, some cities but lots of farmland and some small forests.

It was taken in october 2006.

Thanks for liking my photos! :)


Thanks Christiaan for dropping back
with a location. I think I've found
the area on this map. Sort of zoomed out,
but a reference still.

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